My Philosophy and Method

There are many different types and models of therapy that are considered effective and *ethical. Most therapeutic methods focus on personal growth and ways to manage life’s stress, problems, challenges, and struggles. My own approach is to use tools from several best practice therapy models, depending on my client’s issues and needs. Such models include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, somatic therapy, NeuroAffective Touch, and Mindfulness Based Practices. For more information about my areas of focus, visit the Areas of Focus page. With my guidance, you and I would explore the type of therapy that best works for you.

I believe:

  • Each individual deserves therapy customized for them; the ‘right therapy’, is the one that empowers you to be the self you long to be;
  • Trust is built on authenticity and honesty—you can expect that your openness will be reciprocated; and
  • Our exchanges matter to me too because I benefit professionally and personally from them.

Some other core values which you can expect from me include:

Confidentiality – I create a safe environment where confidentiality is paramount. Your privacy will always be recognized and protected.

Compassion – When you take a risk to disclose your concerns and open your life to a stranger I recognize your courage.  I will treat you with respect and care.

Equality – Your history and cultural identity is always present and makes you who you are; I will strive to understand your values and will always treat you with equality and dignity.

Comprehensive Care – People are multifaceted and embody a variety of experiences and needs–physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, relational and spiritual. My aim is keep all these needs in mind and address those I cannot fulfill directly by connecting you to community resources or offering referrals to other qualified providers of care and support.

*Learn more about social work ethics here.